How to make the perfect cappuccino with your coffee machine

Your Journey to a Barista-Quality Cappuccino Begins Here

Welcome to the art of crafting the quintessential cappuccino from the comfort of your home. Here at Buna Coffee, we know the allure of a perfectly frothed cappuccino—it's so much more than a beverage, it should be the stepping stone to the perfect start to your day. And you, too, can create this coffeehouse staple with the help of your trusty espresso machine. Let’s embark on this flavourful journey together.


The Essence of a Cappuccino

A cappuccino sings a sweet song of balance and texture, with its rich espresso foundation, creamy milk, and frothy top acting as the chorus. It's the harmonious blend of these three layers that make a cappuccino an enduring favourite among coffee aficionados.



Ingredients You'll Need:


Step-by-Step Guide to the Perfect Home Brewed Cappuccino

Begin with the Base: Pulling a Double Shot of Espresso

Step 1: Preparation

Gather your ingredients. A guideline for espresso ratio is anything from 1:1 to 1:2 (one part coffee to two parts water), in a timeframe of 25 – 30 seconds. If you are using a double basket, use 18gm of coffee to produce 36gm of espresso in 25 – 30 seconds.

Gather your 18gm coffee, double portafilter, tamper, tamping mat, distributor and frothing jugs.

Preparation of cappuccino

Step 2: Tamp the coffee

Add the 18gm into the basket and rest the portafilters’ side on the tamping mat (do not let it rest on the spouts, as this will break it over time). Distribute the coffee with your distributor or by the tap of your hand. Distribution is very important (an uneven puck will result in under extraction on one side and over extraction on the other). Tamp the coffee with your tamper. Remember, you don’t have to press the coffee through the table, you only have to compact it enough to remove most of the air. Use the weight of the tamper to press down and not use your “full force”.

Add water to coffee machine

Step 3: Lock and load

Place the portafilter in the group head and turn the handle to your right. The portafilter will lock and should be one with the espresso machine. If you feel that the portafilter is loose, turn it to the left again and start over (looking up at the shower screen to match the opening of the group head with the “ear” of the portafilter is also fine).

Portafilter and Coffee

Step 4: Extraction

Place your cup underneath the portafilters’ spouts and turn on the espresso machine. Aim for it to run between 25 – 30 seconds. If you can fit a scale below your cup of coffee, aim to have double the weight in your cup as the coffee grounds you started with.

Step 5: Extraction

Engage your coffee machine to start the extraction. A rich, caramel-coloured espresso should pour out, finishing at around the 30-second mark.

Next, the Milk: Achieving Microfoam

Step 1: We suggest using full cream milk

Pour milk into a pitcher. Leave at least ¼ of the milk pitcher open for froth to be added.

Milk pitcher


Step 2: Wand Positioning

Place the steam wand just below the milk’s surface. This position is crucial for creating the perfect foam.

Milk steamer

Step 3: The Art of Steaming

Turn on the steam wand and watch the milk transform. The key here is to create a vortex, which evenly heats and aerates the milk. Hold the milk pitcher in the palm of your hand. If you want to take your hand away, it means the milk is hot enough. But a thermometer is always a safer bet (aim for 55 to 65 degrees Celcius). Too hot milk and you will burn the espresso and the coffee will taste burnt, too cold and you won’t taste all the wonderful flavours of the coffee!

Step 4: Milk Texturing

Continue steaming until the milk has doubled in volume and has a glossy, smooth texture.

How to tell if milk has steamed enough


Assemble Your Cappuccino

Final Step: Combine

The milk pitcher should have the warm milk at the bottom now with foam at the top. Swirl the milk pitcher to mix the froth and milk and tap it once or twice to get rid of any big bubbles. Pour the milk into your cup, keeping your cup still and moving the milk pitcher. Start with a fast pour and finish with a slow pour to bring in more froth to the cup of coffee. Once you’ve mastered this, play around with latte art!

Pour milk into the espresso


Understanding Your Coffee Machine

Every coffee machine is unique, and understanding yours is key to a great cappuccino. If you're in the market for a new machine or accessories to enhance your coffee-making experience, Buna Coffee provides an array of options, delivering the finest coffee resources directly to you in South Africa.


Conclusion: Your Home Barista Adventure

Creating the perfect cappuccino with your coffee machine is an art that involves precision, patience, and passion. At Buna Coffee, we believe in making the joy of coffee accessible to all. We don’t just deliver coffee; we deliver experiences. So, brew, froth, and pour your way to a delightful cappuccino that would make any barista proud.

Remember, the journey to the perfect cup doesn’t end here. It's a continuous adventure of taste and technique. Happy brewing!