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Jura is a Swiss company that stands for the highest quality, pioneering innovation, first-class design and sustainability. They have been in operation since 1931, but saw an opportunity in Bean-to-Cup machines in the 1990's and produced their first unit in 1994. Since then they have improved year on year to provide an excellent cup of coffee at the push of a button. The Swiss precision has made this company what it is today: a leader in Bean-to-Cup machines.


About Jura J8 Bean-to-Cup

A regular or decaf speciality coffee? Dark espresso roast or mild lungo coffee blend? The J8 twin from JURA comes equipped with two high-performance conical grinders. Combining two coffee machines in one, this machine offers the best of both worlds.

Two different bean varieties are used to create unique beverages, either pure or blended, at the touch of a button. Coffee pleasure every time – freshly ground, not capsuled. With the J8 twin, there is also the option to top off chosen beverages with delicately sweetened milk foam, serving up an entirely new world of taste. Made possible by Swiss engineering expertise which is behind state-of-the-art technology such as the P.A.G.3+ grinder and the Sweet Foam function. 


Number of products it can produce: 31

The J8 twin can prepare 31 delicious specialities. With two conical grinders, the machine boasts maximum flexibility when it comes to creating tasty beverages. Every coffee is made to meet your personal taste, always freshly ground with your favourite coffee blend, strong or mild, regular or decaf. In short, it boasts the advantages of two coffee machines in one compact device. And yet this talented all-rounder can do even more. It’s possible to flavour the milk foam to give it a subtle sweet note and thus open up an entirely new world of taste. There’s no limit to what can be created, from the classic, simple espresso to the stylish Sweet Latte.

  1. Espresso
  2. 2 x Espresso
  3. Coffee
  4. 2 x Coffee
  5. Americano
  6. Lungo
  7. Espresso doppio
  8. Cortado
  9. Sweet Cortado
  10. Espresso Macchiato
  11. Sweet Espresso Macchiato
  12. Cappuccino
  13. Sweet Cappuccino
  14. Cappuccino extra shot
  15. Caffè latte
  16. Sweet Caffè latte
  17. Caffè latte extra shot
  18. Macchiato
  19. Latte macchiato
  20. Sweet Latte macchiato
  21. Latte macchiato extra shot
  22. Sweet latte 
  23. Sweet latte extra shot
  24. Flat white
  25. Sweet Flat white
  26. Flat white extra shot
  27. Portion of milk foam
  28. Portion of milk
  29. Sweet portion of milk
  30. Hot water
  31. Hot water for green tea


The Panorama Coffee Panel on the J8 twin is your intuitive gateway to creating coffee specialities. Precise and logical, this operating concept is self-explanatory. The sliders in Easy Mode also ensure maximum flexibility when adapting the specialities to the chosen cups. Assistance systems make operation even easier, while aroma control ensures the correct grind consistency. The Coffee Eye intelligent cup sensor ensures the cups are always placed under the correct spout for the speciality chosen. And, of course, cleaning and maintenance are also possible at just the touch of a button.


The J8 twin opens up a whole new world of coffee pleasure. Capable of processing two different coffee blend, it provides a host of options catering to all tastes. Regardless of whether you like your morning coffee with a shot of caffeine and prefer to settle for decaf at night, or whether you want to sample several roasts at the same time – the J8 twin can make it happen. This compact machine has been designed to include two high-performance P.A.G.3+ conical grinders. In addition to producing precise grinding results, they also feature an aroma control function that actively monitors the consistency of grind. Between preparations, the grinder remains in rest mode. This is gentler on the grinder, maximising its service life while ensuring consistently delectable flavour.


Jura J8 specifications

  • Weight: ~11.5kg
  • Dimensions: 31 x 36 x 44.6 cm (W x H x D)
  • Power: 1450W
  • Power draw on standby: 0W
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Water tank capacity: 1.9 L
  • Hopper capacity: 2 x 180g
  • Coffee ground container (approx. servings): 16
  • Height-adjustable coffee spout: 66-112mm
  • Height adjustable hot water spout: 78-124mm


More information:

  • Pulse Extraction Process
  • Active bean monitoring
  • Transmitter supplied as standard: Wi-Fi connect
  • Intelligent preheating
  • Variable brewing unit: 5-16g
  • Grinder: 2 x P.A.G.3+ Grinders
  • 15 Bar High-Performance Pump
  • Milk system / interchangeable milk spout: HP3/CX3
  • Powder chute for ground coffee
  • Compatible with J.O.E.®
  • Display: 6.7'' Panorama Coffee Panel
  • Save, copy and personalise products
  • Programmable and individually adjustable amount of water
  • Programmable and individually adjustable coffee strength (Levels): 8
  • Programmable brewing temperature (Levels): 3
  • Programmable temperature of hot water (Levels): 3


Weight: ~11.5kg

Dimensions: 31 x 36 x 44.6 cm (W x H x D)

Power: 1450W

Power draw on standby: 0W

Voltage: 230V

Water tank capacity: 1.9 L

Hopper capacity: 2 x 180g

Coffee ground container (approx. servings): 16

Height-adjustable coffee spout: 66-112mm

Height adjustable hot water spout: 78-124mm

Rent from R42 per day

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